Biology (Living Environment)

Red Headed Poison Dart Frog
  • Current students can access Mr. Balet's full Biology course through Schoology.

    Objective / Course Description  - The Living Environment or Regents Biology course is a full year laboratory course in modern biology. It is designed to provide broad general understandings of the fundamental principles of biology. Units include: biochemistry, animal and plant life, reproduction and development, genetics, evolution and diversity, and ecological relationships. Students must complete 20 hours of hands on laboratory experiences with satisfactory lab reports to successfully complete the course. This course culminates in the Living Environment NYS Regents exam.

    Required Materials

    • Folder or Binder
    • Chromebook
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Appropriate attire for the classroom and prepared to go outside.
      • Probably not in the rain or extreme cold

    Student Expectations - Students are expected to:

    • Bring binder, agenda, and a writing utensil to every class
    • Complete work when it is assigned and make up missed assignments
    • Participate in class—individually and in group work
    • Be courteous to peers, teachers and all members of our academic and social community.

    Grading Policy - Grades will be posted on-line using SchoolTool for student and parent access.

    • 30% - Labs:  All completed student labs must stay in the classroom lab folder until the end of the year.
    • 20% - Assignments & Projects
    • 20% - Quizzes 
    • 30% - Tests

    Extra Help & Communication - Use class time efficiently!

    Mr. Balet makes every effort to be available for extra help during the day and most days immediately after school.  Students should arrange time to stay after school in advance.  Please feel free to e-mail questions or comments any time.