80% Preparation, Participation, & Effort

    5-                     Appropriate attire & sneakers, on time for class, exceeds class expectations

    4-                     Lacks appropriate attire, but has sneakers or used cell phone during class, but was on time for class, meets/exceeds class expectations

    3-                     Sneakers only, used cell phone after warning, and/or late for class without a pass, but meets the class expectations

    2-                     Sneakers only, loss of cell phone due to overuse in class, late for class without a pass, and/or minimal effort of expectations

    1-                     Sneakers only, late for class without a pass and/or is participating but, not achieving the expectations of the teacher

    0-                     Unprepared for class, poor class conduct, and/or does not participate OR refuses to participate in the class at all

    20% Cognitive and/or skills testing

    Discretion of the teacher

    TOTAL =         100%.

    All students must PASS four years of Physical Education to Graduate!

    NYS Physical Education Regulations 
    The N.Y.S. Commissioner of Education Regulations Part 135.4 requires secondary schools to provide students in grades 7-12 with a physical education program taught by a certified physical educator. The regulations also provide school districts with the option “to allow a comparable time each semester for extra-class programs for those pupils who have demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical skills, and knowledge of physical education activities”.