Windows 10 Workspace

Windows 10 Basics

  • Getting to know your Windows 10 Operating System

    All computers are made up of two things:  hardware and software.  Software are sets of instructions that tell your computer how to do something.  The most important software every computer has is the Operating System. All computers have one.  Do you know what the operating system of your computer or Smart Phone is?? How about your Game Console???

    What does the operating system do?  The operating system manages the hardware and applications on your computer.  Our desktop computers in the lab use the operating system, Windows 10.  The purpose of this lesson is to see what you already know about operating systems and their functions.  Be sure to watch the video and then complete the Windows 10 partner check activity!

    Activity #1:  Watch the video, "Getting Started with the Desktop" and use the GCF webpage to help you learn about the Windows 10 workspace.  Complete the Windows Partner Check worksheet.