• Mrs. Guernsey Loves Reading Art Stories!

    I would like to share a few good books that I have read or plan on this year.

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  • Drawing From Memory

    by Allen Say Year Published: September 2011 Reading Level 8 and Up

    The story of Allen Say's journey to becoming the artist he is today. This book is part memoir, part graphic novel and narrative history. It is an enjoyable read. 

    Available in the BSMS Library.

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  • Behind The Canvas

    by Alexander Vance Year Published: February 2017 Reading Level 10 and Up

    Fictional story of a world behind the painting canvas referencing some famous works of art. It is a characters journey filled with mystery, adventure and what it means to be a true friend.

    Visit the BSMS Library for this book.

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  • Famous People And Their Pets

    by Susie Hodge Year Published: September 2017 Reading Level Ages 9 and Up

    Several stories about artists and their lives with their pets. A good survey on Art history with a fun twist for both Art enthusiasts and animal lovers.

    See Mrs. Guernsey's Classroom Library

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  • Hello, Fruit Face!

    by Claudia Strand Year Published: March 1999 Reading Levels age 9 and up

    Introducing the works of sixteenth century. Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and his descriptive portrait paintings made of fruits, flowers and animals. A chance to explore the creativity of a master artist through both written and visual means. 

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  • Thirteen Mysteries of the Art World Children Should Know

    by Angela Wenzel Year Published: August 2009 Reading Level 9-12

    Unsolved mysteries surrounding some of the most famous art and artist. A look into the artists inspiration and background. Visually appealing reproductions that allowi you to read and view the art for yourself.

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  • Vincent's Starry Night & Other Stories

    by Michael Bird Year Published: August 2016 Reading Level Ages 8 and Up

    Famous artworks are enveloped in wonderful narratives that brings to life the context of these amazing pieces. Enjoy the rich stories of art through history.

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