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2019-2020 Budget Development

  • The development of the 2019-2020 General Fund Operating Budget officially began on December 5, 2018 with the presentation of the Budget Principles document to the Board of Education. At the December 19 meeting, the Board was presented with the 2019-20 Budget Goals document. Both of these documents as well as the overall Priorities and Goals document can be found in the File Library on this page. As we progress through the development process, we will be guided by these documents which, in sum, suggest that we will provide the best possible program opportunities to our students within the confines of the tax paying community.

    Each year this is a difficult balancing act as there are inevitiably changes in requirements, learning standards, etc. from the state and federal governments which in turn often require additional training and resources to ensure that we comply with these requirements, while also maintaining a very high standard for teaching and learning within the district.

    Please check back to this page often in the weeks and months ahead as we will be adding other documents and updates which further describe our process.


    Thanks very much

    Ken Slentz - Superintendent

    Brian Sirianni - Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations