Almost, Maine



     Almost Maine



    PROLOGUE/INTERLOGUE/EPILOGUE— Pete (Jared Wachtel) and Ginette (Angela Gori), who have been dating for               a little while.

    HER HEART— East (Peter Evans), a repairman and Glory (Jacqueline Frederick), a hiker.

    SAD AND GLAD—Jimmy (Mark Hoffman), a heating and cooling guy; Sandrine (Grace Glastetter), his ex-girlfriend;
                  a salty Waitress (Karen Zink).

    THIS HURTS— Marvalyn (Natalie DiStefano), a woman who is very good at protecting herself and
                  Steve (Anthony D’Annibale), an open, kind fellow whose brother protects him.

    GETTING IT BACK— Gayle (Mira Jaeger) and Lendall (Harrison Martinez), longtime girlfriend and boyfriend.


    THEY FELL— Deena (Shasha Wallis), and Shelly (Saadé White)  two “Country Girls.”

    WHERE IT WENT— Phil (Jack Whalen), Marci (Mackenzie Rickson)

    STORY OF HOPE— Hope (Payton Phillips), who has traveled the world, and a Man (John Murphy), who has not.

    SEEING THE THING— Rhonda  (Maeve Wroblewski), a tough woman, and Dave (Kyle Camilli), the not-so-tough man               who loves her.


    Stage Manager– Rachel Goralski/Greg Wilson    Asst. Stage Manager- Sarah Hart  
    Asst. Stage Manager-  Lyida Totino                       Lights and Sound– Greg Wilson               
    Projection– Lela Hughes                                        Student Director– Karyn Zink
    Costume Coordinator— Hannah Hughes            

    Running crew/set building— Davide Bazzani, Nate Bisnett, Robbie Bodien, William Burkert, Alex Finkey, Tom Killian,
    Allison Myers, Maddy Wilson

    Painting— Izzy Gilmore, Sarah Hart, Noah McDonough, Arianna Ruddy, and cast


    Director– Mr. Lopez                                    Producer-  Ms. Kohl                                  
    Set/lighting Design– Gary Wilson             Hair— Melissa Glastetter                         
    Painting– Stacy DiStefano, Mary Goralski, Vicki Hart, Eva Hoffman, Kit Whalen
    Set builders– Andy Bodien, Bill Goralski, Mike Gori, Sue Gori, Zach Hart, Gary Wilson, George Wilson

    CONSTRUCTION CLASS– Mr. Marcantonio,  Luke Alteri, Kyle Blair, Kyle Brush, Chris Cahill, Cameron Checca,
    Aidan Clark, Jordan Cousar, Brodey Curcio, Anthony Emmrick, Chris Foote, Jr.,  Michael Gorman, Camden Harblin,
    Meaghan Henry, Lucas Jakubiak, Michael Jourdanais, Liam Kavanaugh, Stanley Knapp-Lewis, Jacob Kozlowski,
    Hailey Lappies, Nasihia Molina, David Peek-Britten, Donald Petteys, Alexis Ray, Cameron Rogers-Duell,
    Olivia Scaccia, Dylan Seyboth, Justin Sheehan, Ethan Shuhart, Xavier Stepniak, Joshua Tabachneck, Jayden Taylor, Hunter Wade, Peyton Walsh, Jakob Warmus, Keegan Zoller


    Kathy Derochie, Mr. & Mrs. Gori, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Marcantonio and the construction classes, Mohan Masque,
    Nicole Gabriel, Mom and Pop’s Café, Paige Ricci, Anya Sager, Skidmore College Theater Department,
    Troupe Booster Club,  Troupe Officers, Mr. Wilson,  Mr. Duca  and administration for their support.