• Recommended Home Schedule Below

  • WR 1st Grade Week at a Glance

    March 30th- April 3rd




    Word Work

    10-15 minutes (M, W, F)

    Word Work of arranging the letters in ABC order saying the letter and sound. (5 minutes)

    Part 1

    Write words using glued sounds (pg 36)

    Adults say the word and the child writes the word.  

    Challenge: Can you come up with more words than what is listed?

    Part 2

    Write 2 -3 sentences using trick words and words with glued sounds.

    Trick Words

    10 - 15 minutes (T and Th)

    Part 1

    Make flash cards of Trick words (see Units 1-8 on pg 12-13)

    Your child can make their own by writing 8 words per day on a piece of paper folded into 4 squares.

    Part 2

    Once they have all the words written, you can play “Your Pile, My Pile.”  If the child reads the word correctly the word goes in their pile. If you have to help or tell the child the word the word goes in your pile.

    Part 3

    After you know all the words you can practice writing the words.


    15 minutes a day

    Read to someone

    Have someone read to you

    Read Alouds through TumbleBooks or teacher read

    Use comprehension guide on p 46-47 to help with questions to ask.


    15 minutes a day

    1- 3 sentences a day in journal format 

    • Write about something you did that day. 


    • Write about a book you read.

    Optional: Take or draw a picture


    15 minutes a day

    • Practicing facts
    • Reflex
    • Working on packet pages


    • Make word problems
    • Compare things around the house (greater than, less than, same, different, large, small)
    • Skip Counting (count by 2, 5, 10)
    • Work with counting money


    Humanities Daily 10:15-11:15

    Monday: Art with Ms. Busch

    Tuesday: Library 

    Wednesday:PE with Coach Dayton

    Thursday: Music

    Friday: PE with Coach Dayton


    Recess Daily 11:15-11:50

    Lunch Daily 11:50-12:15


    Snack will be in the afternoon.