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    For transcripts other than High School:


    Transcript Requests for CHS/UHS Courses & Official AP Scores


    Do you want to transfer your credits from SUNY Schenectady to your institution of choice?  Below is some basic information along with the link to request an official transcript.  Students may also come in person to make the request to our Registrar’s Office in Elston Hall Room 212 or mail in the attached form with payment. 

    Transcript Request 

    • Final SUNY Schenectady transcripts will be available on July 9th
    • A student must request a transcript in order to have one sent to the institution they will be attending come Fall of 2019.  Transcripts are not automatically send out. 
    • Student may start requesting transcripts now.  Please note they should select the HOLD option, and choose HOLD FOR GRADES 
    • There is a $10 cost per transcript.
    • Students will need to have their SUNY Schenectady ID number.  That is on the bill they received and on your roster.  They all start with 900XXXXXX 

    Here is the link for requesting a transcript.  -  



    For info on PLTW - RIT Credits see this handout.