2018-2019 Budget Development

  • May 15, 2018 UPDATE: The Ballston Spa community approved the district’s 2018-2019 budget proposal of $91,888,841 with an unofficial vote of 80% voting yes and 20% voting no.

    The Board of Education results so far include Christiane Farnan receiving a total of 869 votes, Michael O’Donnell receiving 774 votes, Jason Fernau receiving 706 votes and Eric Davenport receiving 700 votes.  Final results will be determined after affidavit votes are verified.    There are three full term (three year) Board seats available this year, commencing in July 2018.

    All of the additional propositions on the ballot were passed, including the replacement of school vehicles, support for the public library and the local recreation commission. For more information, please call 884-7195.

    April 18 UPDATE: The Board of Education adopted a proposed budget of $91,888,841 for the 2018-2019 school year.  This followed several months of discussions and review during a budget development process that started in the fall.  The adopted budget represents a 1.7% budget increase and a 2.7% tax levy inccrease, with an average 1% tax rate increase across the District.  The estimated tax impact is $31 for an average single family home assessed at $235,000.  Final tax rates will be set in August.

    The Board is also proposing several propositions on the ballot for May 15 that include:

       Purchase vehicles at a maximum cost of $936,000
       Collect $56,700 for the Public Library
       Collect $35,000 for the Ballston Area Recreation Commission

    The Board will be issuing a Budget Newsletter and will be holding multiple information sessions leading up to the public vote on May 15.

    April 11 UPDATE:  The Board of Education received the final presentation of the 2018-19 budget at their meeting. The Board reviewed an update on the final state budget and projected state aid.  The proposed budget of $$91,881,841 reflects a 1.7% budget increase, and a 2.7% tax levy increase, with an estimated average 1% tax rate increase across the district (tax rates are set in August). The Board is scheduled to approve the proposed budget at the April 18 meeting

    March 21 UPDATE:  The latest draft of the 2018-19 budget was presented to the Board. The proposed budget shows an increase of 1.7% over the current year's budget bringing the total to $91.8 million. The draft budget supports all current academic programs and the district's goals and priorities.

    Also discussed was the calculation of the Property Tax Cap which for the upcoming year is estimated to be 7.3%. The proposed levy associated with the draft budget is currently estimated to be 2.7%, well less than half of the amount allowable under the Tax Cap.

    The Board approved propositions to be placed on the ballot with the budget proposal, including one to purchase vehicles at a maximum cost of $936,000, the collection of the Public Library funding at $56,700, and the collection of $35,000 for the Ballston Area Recreation Commission.

    There are three (3) full term Board seats up for election this year; they are currently held by Kevin Schaefer, Nancy Fodera and Mike O'Donnell. Nomination petitions are available from the Clerk of the Board in the District Business Office, 70 Malta Avenue, Ballston Spa, NY 12020.

    Please see the presentations below for the most current budget proposal information. The statewide school budget vote will take place on May 15 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    March 6 UPDATE: The Board of Education reviewed and discussed a multiyear financial forecast that highlighted some of the issues facing the District over the next five years. The District is currently is in a strong financial position, but that could change over the next five years if adjustments and corrections are not implemented.  The primary challenges include stagnate state aid and the GlobalFoundries PILOT payment that is decreasing each year. At its next meeting on March 21st, the Board will review the budget in more detail and review the annual propositions.

    February 2018 UPDATE: The first budget presentation and discussion was held at the February 14 Board of Education meeting. The Board reviewed the Governor's proposal for state aid to schools, past, present and future revenue sources, and expenditure areas that will impact the upcoming budget.

    The Board of Education began the 2018-2019 budget planning process in November 2017 with the annual review of budget goals, budget principles and guidelines.

    As is typical, state aid will be the biggest variable throughout this budget process.  The Governor's proposal is the beginning of the annual negotiations that occur between his office and the Assembly and Senate. Without a working Foundation Aid formula, districts across the state are left to wait for the state budget adoption to know how much state aid they will receive.

    The other major revenue issue for the District is the continued decline of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES PILOT payment. For the next decade, the property will decrease in value by approximately $43.4 million annually. The impact this is having on the District will be discussed in detail throughout the budget planning process over the next several months.

    The Board will adopt the budget proposal in April so please stay tuned to the development of the budget plan, attend upcoming Board of Education meetings on February 14, March 6 & 21 and April 11 & 18, and/or contact us for more information. This year's final Budget Hearing is scheduled for May 2 and the statewide school budget vote is on May 15, 2018.