Principal's Message

  • Gianleo Duca

    September 2020

    Dear Students, Families, and Caregivers:

    I hope this letter finds you well and excited for the 2020-2021 school year.  This year will be like no other you have experienced, but the year will also offer all of us the opportunity to overcome an adverse situation, lean on one another and come out of it a stronger, even more unified community.  As you are aware, we will begin the school year in a fully remote learning environment, we will then transition to hybrid learning environment starting on Monday October 5th.  More information and an orientation video for all students will be sent as we move closer to that date.

    We have worked diligently to keep the integrity of our schedule intact, allowing students to take all the courses they selected last spring.  Student schedules will remain the same regardless of the learning environment and attendance will be taken for all classes in the remote learning environment (with study hall being the only exception).   An important note: when a student has multiple courses scheduled during the same period (PE/Lab) the classroom teacher will let students know the order/time in which they will attend.  Establishing a set routine and following the class schedule is going to be essential in helping everyone achieve success and in accomplishing goals.

    Please visit both our district and high school website for additional information and continue to watch for correspondences from our school and the district.  Thank you again for your continued patience and flexibility throughout this process.  I very much appreciate the commitment to education our parents, students, and community continues to demonstrate.


    Dr. Gianleo A. Duca







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