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Physical Education Exemptions

  •  BSHS Department of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics

    Request for Physical Education Exemption Option 

    • Students who wish to exercise this option must complete and submit a Physical Education Exemption Application, in accordance with the schedule below.

    • No application will be considered if incomplete, or submitted after the due date. 

    Application Deadlines:

    • 1st marking period: 9/16/19
    • 2nd marking period: 11/12/19
    • 4th marking period: 4/20/20

    PE Exemption Option Eligibility requires all criteria below are met for consideration:

    1. Student must be in 10th 11th or 12th grade only!

    2. Student must have passing grades in all classes. If requesting a 1st marking period exemption, you must have final passing grades for all classes in the previous year as reflected by your report card.

    3. Student must have earned a minimum grade of 85 in physical education in the previous marking period. If you are requesting a 1st marking period exemption, you must have a final grade of 85 or above in physical education in the previous year as reflected by your report card.

    4. Student must be a current member in good standing on a varsity team during the marking period the exemption is requested.

    5. Student must show evidence of a challenging academic schedule including no more than 3 study halls/schedule rotation or participation in the CEIP Program.

    6. Student must show evidence of a minimum of 90% school attendance rate. If you are requesting a 1st quarter exemption, you must have demonstrated a 90% school attendance in the previous school year.
    7. Student must be not be scheduled for any of the following PE electives as their physical education requirement.

    a) Guard Start
    b) Lifeguarding 

    PE Exemption Option approval requires adherence to the following stipulations:

      1. The student must complete and submit a Request for Physical Education Exemption Application, (last page of this document) by the date specified (above) to the Director of Physical Education before approval will be granted.

      2. The student is expected to attend and participate in physical education class until approval is granted.

      3. The student will be exempt from participation in physical education for 1 full quarter from the time approval is granted during the sport season in which you participate. If you participate in 3 sports, you may have up to 2 marking periods of exemption, 1 in each semester (1st or 2nd quarter, and 4th quarter.)

      4. The student must remain in school and use the time to do school work. Leaving campus without permission may warrant the loss of this exemption for the remainder of the season.

      5. The student must follow the athletic code of conduct.

      6. The student must return to their scheduled physical education class immediately upon the conclusion of the marking period in which he/she was exempt.

      7. Failure to demonstrate adherence to any of these expectations may result in the loss of this privilege and immediate return to your physical education class.

      8. The student will report to physical education class as scheduled for attendance only during the entire exemption. Failure to report for attendance will be treated as an absence from class.

      9. Exempted students shall report to the library or to a classroom/teacher with a pre-signed pass from the teacher. 

    Grade protocols for this PE Exemption Program Option will be:

    • Students who successfully complete this option will receive a Pass/Fail grade for the marking period he/she was exempt from physical education. (Note: PE grade is not included in the calculation of a student’s GPA)
    • Any student who loses this exemption privilege must return immediately to his/her scheduled physical education class. Failure to return immediately to class will be reported to the Dean’s Office as a class cut by the instructor for each and every instance. Class cuts cannot be made up!

    • Any student who loses the exemption privilege will receive a grade of 50 for the period of the exemption - which will be averaged in as a % of the student’s physical education grade for the marking period. (Example: Loss of privilege occurs after 5 weeks of the marking period (10 weeks). The grade of 50 will be counted as 50% of the student’s physical education grade for that marking period.  

    NYS Physical Education Regulations
    The N.Y.S. Commissioner of Education Regulations Part 135.4 requires secondary schools to provide students in grades 7-12 with a physical education program taught by a certified physical educator. The regulations also provide school districts with the option “to allow a comparable time each semester for extra-class programs for those pupils who have demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical skills, and knowledge of physical education activities”.

    The BSCSD Department of Physical Education recognizes the commitment, dedication, and effort that student-athletes demonstrate as a member of an interscholastic sports team. To assist these students with balancing their academic responsibilities with their athletic participation, this option is being made available to those students who wish to receive physical education credit for the combination of a demanding academic schedule coupled with varsity interscholastic athletics participation.

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