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Independent Study Program

  • Independent Study Options for the Mandated Requirement

    In Physical Education

    This option is available to students in grades 9-12 who demonstrate a need to exercise this option based upon academic and/or medical reasons which prohibit participation in the regular physical education program.

    Guidelines for Eligibility: (eligible candidates must meet at least 1 of these guidelines)

    The student is enrolled in grade 9-12, and who demonstrates the need to exercise this option based upon a valid educational plan.            

    1. The student is being home tutored for 6 weeks or longer.

    2. Long-term suspension from school.

    3. The student is unable to participate in the regular, modified regular, or adaptive physical education class for 6 weeks or longer due to a documented medical condition(s).

    4. Students in need of Physical Education Graduation Credits.

    5. Students enrolled in satellite programs.

    ALL INDEPENDENT STUDY REQUESTS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY MR.SUNKES, before participation in the program can begin.

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