Emergency Closing Information

  • Emergency Closings

    For emergency closings, please check the Ballston Spa and HVCC websites for updates, and follow us on Twitter @CleanTechECHS. 

    College classes will be dependent on HVCC’s emergency schedule for the TEC-SMART campus.  If HVCC is closed, the entire program will be cancelled for the day.  Students should remain at their home schools.

    Ballston Spa Closed= No ECHS High School Classes, College Classes are in session.  Students attend for college classes.

    HVCC Closed = No College Classes, No High School Classes.  Ballston Spa students are required to report to the high school by 7:30 AM.

    Home District Closed, Ballston Spa Open= ECHS program in Session.  If you have no alternate transportation, please contact your college professors to inform them of your absence.

    Ballston Spa 2 Hour Delay= The ECHS high school classes will begin at 9:45. College classes will begin at their normal time.

    As always, please use your discretion to make sure you are travelling in safe conditions.