25 Book Challenge

  • Each year Wood Road students a challenge with reading 25 books.  In kindergarten, we read many, many books.  Our goal will be calculated in minutes instead.  Each night I will ask you to read to/with your child.  Please log the number of minutes read on his or her daily agenda.  For each goal met, students will be recognized for their accomplishment!

    Individual Goals to meet:

    -  Read 400 minutes 

    -  Read 800 minutes

    -  Read 1200 minutes

    -  Read 1600 minutes

    -  Read 2000 minutes

    * Additional books read will earn reward from Ms. Smiley

    * 2400 minutes - popcorn pass for popcorn at lunch

    * 2800 minutes - lunch with Ms. Smiley

    * 3200 minutes - sit at my desk for the day

    * 3600 minutes - Ice cream card !


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