• Read! Read! Read!  Each night I ask that you read with your child for at least 15 - 20 minutes. It is very important for you to read to your child.  It is equally important for your child to read to you.  On this website you will be asked to record the books you and your child have read.  He/She will be recognized for his/her achievements.  Check out the 25 book challenge section of my website.  In addition to reading there may be homework assignments such as word work and/or math.    Check your child's folder daily.  I will also post homework pages when possible regularly on this website. Links are left sub pages!

    Spend 5-10 minutes a night on homework or review of daily related activities in addition to reading.  You should sit with your child while they are doing homework. You can assist, but let him/her try to do their own work. If he/she is having difficulty, write me a quick note.


    Reinforce or review skills learned at school.

    Promote positive attitudes toward learning.

    Encourage and develop responsibility.

    Provide a regular opportunity for reading.

    Give parents the opportunity to interact with their children and

    show them that they value education.


    Make homework a priority! Involve children in reviewing their evening

    schedule (which always includes homework) and help them to make

    appropriate choices between the menu of other activities!

    Decide with your child on an agreeable time and place, free of

    distractions, to do homework daily.

    Be available to reassure, guide and support your child.

    Model for your child what it means to be committed to task.

    Alert the teacher if your child appears frustrated doing homework.