Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Can my child bring a snack?


    A: Please send a snack DAILY with your child. These snacks must be quick and easy to manage. Please DO  NOT send in messy items or things that need to be cut. It is best to send your child a snack separate from his/her lunch as they are often confused as to which is which.  The snack also must be healthy. Examples may be: whole grain goldfish, crackers, fresh fruit, veggies, fruit cups, yogurts, granola bars, trail mix, cheese, popcorn (Smart Food), Nutri-Grain bars, pretzels, Cheerios, Chex mix, bagel (whole wheat) with cream cheese, etc. 



    Q: Can my child bring in a water bottle?


    A: Yes, students should have a water bottle with them daily. They need to bring it home each night so it can be washed properly.



    Q: Can my child bring in a birthday treat?


    A: Yes, but please let me know one day in advance so I can plan around this important day. Any treats must be healthy and store bought, for example pretzels, fruits, crackers,etc. Another great idea is non-food items such as bookmarks, pencils and stickers that can be shared.

    Q: Will the class go outside for recess?


    A: Yes, students should be prepared to go outside for recess everyday.  Please send appropriate clothing , boots, hats, mittens etc. for the weather conditions.  Students will not be allowed on play equipment with open toed shoes / flip flops etc.