High Frequency/Vocab words

  • Below you will find a list of words we will be learning this year.  Each word will turn purple as we learn them.  Your child should be able to recognize, read and write all of these words by the end of kindergarten.  Practice each day, make flashcards, make a memory game, play bingo, practice writing them with pencil, play dough, pasta!


    Unit 1    Unit 2     Unit 3      Unit 4      Unit 5      Unit 6

       I           see        come           is          make          do

      like         we          me            how        play          down

      the          a           with           of          them        went

     and          to            my            so          give         only

                                  you           many        say         little

                                  what         where      new          just

                                   are          find        said          have

                                   now         this        good          help

                                                 from       was          one

                                                 came       then         every

                                                  but         ate           ask

                                                   on         could         walk

                                                 will          she           look

                                                   be          all            out

                                                  into       over         very

                                                  that       her          their

                                                  your       when        saw

                                                   who       some         put

                                                    go          he            off

                                                   for          no          take

                                                  here       away        our

                                                  they       must        day

                                                  soon         by          too

                                                   up          there     show





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