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    What else do you need to know about Mrs. V's class. On this page you might find the answer to that question you have!


     Water:   We have a water fountain right inside our room.  Students can bring re-usable water bottles that can be refilled or plastic water bottles.  


    Bathrooms:  I encourage the students to go during a non-instructional time of the day.  During our morning routine, lunch, recess, specials, and flex are all great times for a bathroom break.   I also encourage students to ask during independent work times, rather than when I am teaching to the whole group.



    Agenda:  Every student has an agenda that is written in daily.  The agenda is an important part of our day. It contains the daily assignments, reminders about upcoming events, and notes to and from school.  I check agendas daily.  To see that an adult is checking each agenda, I ask for a signature every night.


    Birthdays:  We'd love to celebrate your son or daughter's birthday! If you'd like to bring something in for your child's birthday, please let me know in advance so that I can plan ahead and ensure enough time to celebrate!  Wood Road has a healthy school which means that all food brought in needs to be healthy and store bought. We cannot have home-made goods. If you are unsure as to whether a food is appropriate, please ask our principal or school nurse.

    You are invited to do something other than food to celebrate a birthday. Pencils, stickers, bookmarks, erasers, etc. can also be great.  Maybe you'd like to come in and do a craft, read a book, or share something with the class. These are great options too!

     Scholastic book orders:   I will periodically send home scholastic book orders. I usually give a week or more before the money is due back in.  If you decide to order books, please send in the completed order form with your child’s name on it and a check made out to Scholastic Book Club.  I suggest choosing your selections with your child; he/she may see a favorite title or book cover that is familiar from class. You can also order online using our class code: H87FP.  Every time you order online, our class earns a free book! :)

            I highly recommend these books.  They are usually inexpensive (especially paperbacks), and it is important that children have access to a lot of books to enhance their enjoyment in reading.  It is also very important that you read to your child or with your child everyday, especially in his/her continuous development of reading.

            So please take advantage of these books purchasing opportunities and enjoy reading throughout the year.  I know we will in class!