Classroom Management

  • Classroom Management

      All Wood Road students are expected to follow the Three B's - Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.  Every year, the students and I discuss what that means in our classroom. We create classroom lists of how to follow the Three B' and illustrate our new classroom rules. It is important that students know what is expected of them in all areas of the school. We discuss how to use materials, how to follow routines, etc. 


     When students are doing a great job following the Three B's, there are many ways I may recognize them.  This recognition could be verbal praise (Great Job!), a high-five, a clip up on the clip chart, a Scottie Buck, marbles in the jar or more! 


    Scottie Bucks can be earned any time a student is being safe, respectful and responsible. Scottie Bucks are earned and then redeemed for prizes both in and out of the classroom.

    Students are responsible for their own Scottie Bucks. It is their job to find a secure spot in their desk and keep track of them. I will not replace lost Scottie Bucks.

    When the whole class follows the rules, we earn marbles for a jar which leads to a large classroom reward. This has been pizza, movies, extra flex, game time, etc.

    In an ideal world, every day is a green day and no problems arise. However, I know that kids (and adults too) have bad days once in awhile. In that case, students not meeting the expectations of the class move their cards  

         Various situations may arise that require a different approach. If a child seems to be having a

         difficult time in the classroom, we will work together to solve the problem.