25 book goal

  •  Reading Makes Me......


    How would you finish that sentence? Does reading make you smarter? Stronger? Relaxed? Entertained? We will be thinking of all the ways reading makes us feel this year as we work towards our 25 book goal! 


    The 25 book reading challenge has been in place for many years at Wood Road. The goal is simple - read at least 25 book outside of school.

    Last year, Mrs. V's class won the GOLDEN BOOK!! We read more books than any other class at Wood Road!! I am so proud of last year's readers and would love to see us win the Golden Book award again this year!

    How it works:

    In 3rd grade, as it was in second, 50 pages counts as 1 book. For example, if a student reads a chapter book that is 126 pages, I will count that as 2 books and 26 pages towards their next one! Another example would be if you read one book that is 34 pages and another book that is 27 pages long, you have read a total of 61 pages. That would count as 1 book and 11 pages towards your next book. I keep a running total so that you will always know how many books you've read. I will periodically send home a note updating you on the progress as well.

    Your job is to keep that reading log filled in and to bring back and forth from home to school so that I can record all of the great reading you are doing!! On your reading log will be a place for the book title, author, number of pages and a parent signature. I will not add the book to your total unless a parent has signed. It is important to keep track of this log all year. I ask that you turn these logs in to me every week. You will be receiving a certificate when you hit your 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 book goals. If you lost your log and need another one, you can download a copy below or grab an extra at school.

    If you have any questions about the reading program, please let me know! I look forward to seeing all the amazing reading you’ll do this year!

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