Announcements & Cancellations


                                                       Announcements and Cancellations



    Saturday 3/14 - The pool will be closed until further notice. Updates will be posted however we will not reopen before district classes resume in April. 

    Friday 2/7 - Morning lap swim is cancelled 

    Saturday 10/26 - Open/Lap Swim is cancelled

    Saturday 10/5
    - Open/Lap Swim is cancelled 

    Friday 9/27
    Evening Lap swim is cancelled  

     Check out pool calendar on our website for reference
    *Please view monthly pool calendar for exceptions (click here)

    REMINDER - If school is delayed or closed there is no morning lap swim 

    Swimmer Identification Card and Membership program introduced
    - We are pleased to announce our new identification card & membership system starting January 2019. Swimmers will be asked to complete a registration packet and can choose to either a full or half year membership. Please click here for more information and registration packet.  If preferred you can still pay per visit - $1.00 for residents and $2.00 for non-residents. 

    • NOTE:  During the Girl's and Boy's Varsity swim seasons, the morning lap swimmers may need to split the pool with the Varsity Swim Team