Language Arts 

    Second grade is a very exciting time in the areas of reading and writing.  Essentially, students will be learning "What to do with their reading."  We will still be using phonics and decoding strategies, but our emphasis will be on comprehension strategies and higher level thinking/inferencing.  We will be using Journeys as our reading and writing program and will often suppliment this program with other resources. 


    This year we will dive into place value, addition/subtraction (within 1,000), measurement, geometry, and much more.  The math program we will be using is Go Math.  This program will often be supplemented using additional materials and lessons.  Math will usually take place in a center-based model which allows for differentiated instruction and independence.




    Students will be exploring the "How, What and Why," of sceince.  We will use the scientific method to observe, make predictions, record/report/analyse data and to form a conclusion.  We will apply this method using several motivating experiments and interesting topics. 


    Social Studies

    Students will explore several different types of communities.  We will discuss the characteristics of rural, urban, and suburban communities.  Students will learn to identify and categorize various surrounding communities based on specific characteristics.  We will examine the Ballston Spa community as well as communities that are very different from our own.