• English Language Arts (ELA)


    I will be teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies.




    Mrs. French will be teaching Math and Science.


    The science program is designed to help students understand their physical and living environment. Students will review previously studied concepts such as the Solar System; Energy and Matter; Erosion; Life Cycle and Life Span; and Measuring Mass and Volume. The focus of instruction is on the use of scientific inquiry and will include hands-on experiments which include the following topics:

    • Electricity

    • Buoyancy

    • Animal Studies

    Social Studies



    The social studies program is designed to help students understand themselves and the world around them, as well as to become responsible citizens. The focus of instruction is on the history, geography, social culture, economics, and politics of New York State.

    The topics include:

    -          Ancient Native Americans

    -          The Exploration of New York

    -          The New York Colony

    -          New York During the American Revolution

    -          The Formation of the United States of America

    -          Industrial Growth and Expansion

    -          Local and State Government


    Students will complete science and social studies work in class. They will have unit tests. A study guide will be sent home the week before the tests.




    Students will be working with computers both in a lab setting and in the classroom. Students will study and incorporate programs such as Excel, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Type to Learn and others. They will be utilizing these programs and others as they incorporate curriculum from each area of study. Students are strongly encouraged to practice these programs at home if they are available. Many students have created technology based projects at home and brought them to school to present to the class.