Behavior Management

  • School Wide Behavior Plan: Wood Road’s PBIS Plan has 3 basic expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. Each child has been explicitly taught the school-wide behavioral expectations beginning the first days of school. These lessons highlight specific behavioral expectations in each area of the school including: instructional areas, hallways, cafeteria, recess, assemblies, bathrooms, and buses. Students are acknowledged frequently for following these behavioral expectations throughout the school. Students following the "Three B’s" will be acknowledged with Scottie Bucks. Students may be rewarded at any time during the school day if they are following the three be’s. they will also earn Scottie bucks for completing activities at school and at home (ie homework assignments). These will accumulate and may be turned in for various items/activities. For example, a student may purchase things like pencils, erasers, bracelets.  


    Classroom Behavior Plan: In our classroom, we also use a clip chart for our behavior management system.  Students will have the opportunity to "clip up" for positive behavior and making responsible choices.  On the other hand, they will be asked to clip down when they are not following class and school rules and failing to meet behavioral expectations.  Each day, the color on which your child ends the day on the clip chart will be recorded in the "Teacher Message" section of his or her agenda.  Students have the opportunity earn Scottie Bucks based on the color they are on at the end of each day as well.  Please see the attached letter for a more detailed explanation of the clip chart system, as well as a description of what each color on the chart stands for.

    In addition, we will use a marble jar as a class reward system.  When all students are meeting behavioral expectations, marbles will be added to the jar.  Conversely, marbles may be removed from the jar when the class as a whole is failing to meet expectations.  Once the jar is filled, the students will vote on a class reward.  Possible rewards include movie day, ice cream party, extra recess, pizza party, pajama day, etc.

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