25 Book Challenge - Reading Makes Me...

  • 25 Book Challenge

    Every year, Wood Road students are challenged to read at least 25 books at home by the end of the school year. In third grade for every 50 pages a student reads will count as one book. For example if the student reads a 128 page chapter book it counts as 2 books. The 28 pages will count towards their next book. They will log the book once they have completed it.

    Students will be responsible for reading, filling out their reading log, and having a parent sign it.  They will turn their log into us each Friday so we can track individual progress toward the 25 book goal.  They can watch their owls move up the wall as they complete 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 books.  At the end of the year, students who have reached their 25 book goal will receive an award!