Homework Policy


    Below you will find links to the daily math homework. If your child leaves his/her homework at school, this link will allow you to print a copy of the math homework for that day.

    Links will be posted in Sept.


    Homework is a vital part of school.  It is necessary for practicing and reinforcing skills that have been learned.  Occasionally, homework may also be class work that was not finished.  Most weeks your child will receive homework Monday through Thursday.  It will almost always consist of math, spelling, and reading for 15 minutes each night.  Math will be a reflection of the concepts taught that day.  Spelling practice will help students prepare for the spelling tests given on Fridays.  Homework should be completed on the day it is given, and returned the next day, unless otherwise noted on the homework sheet.  Spelling packets are always due on Friday.

    When your child returns to school with their homework the next day, he/she will receive 2 Scottie Bucks.  

    It is important to get into a routine of getting homework done each night.  Here are some homework tips to help you and your child have a successful experience:

    1.  Choose a quiet spot for your child to complete his/her homework.

    2. Always have your child put his/her first and last name on the paper.

    3. Always use pencil

    4. Parents work with your child and check over his/her work.

    5.  Praise your child for a job well done!