Social Studies

  • The theme for the first grade social studies curriculum is: My Family and Other Families, Now and Long Ago.  In first grade, students learn about their roles and responsibilities as members of a family, school, and community.  The students explore the role of family and school through social, political, economic, geographic, and historical perspectives.  They also learn about and discuss the differences between families now and long ago.  Discussion and activities concerning past and current events are an integral part of understanding the world and their part in it.

         The children begin to:  

    • Explore self, family, and community.
    • Explore beliefs, customs, and traditions common to their family and community.
    • Locate places on maps and globes.
    • Recognize the rights, responsibilities, and roles of citizenship.
    • Be introduced to key terms related to the study of government.
    • Plan, organize, and make decisions for the common good.


         For more information about the NYS Social Studies standards, click