• In first grade we use the program Go Math.  This program is based on what is called a 'spiraling curriculum.  This means that the students see concepts and skills repeatedly throughout the year and also again in the next grade levels.  To help do this, the children build understanding and develop skills as a result of multiple learning experiences.  Mastery of these skills and concepts comes with repeated exposure and practice, not usually after just one lesson, although some children may have this understanding.  This enables children to build on the math content they already know while gradually learning more difficult and challenging content.  To help children develop mastery, the mathematical content is taught in a repeated fashion, first with informal exposure and then through more formal and direct instruction.  
         Homework in the Go Math program is done through Homelinks.  These are assignments that follow-up on that day's lesson.  There also is often a small review section on the Homelink that reviews a concept or skill taught previously.  Because homework is one way children revisit concepts, you can support your child by helping them with their "Homelinks" homework and playing math games at home when they are assigned.
         When math homework does not come home, you can help your child by playing card games or board games, working on telling time, counting money (pennies, nickels, dimes and eventually quarters), or playing a mystery number game ("I'm thinking of a number between __ and ___.")