•             Volunteering in the Classroom

    Research shows that children whose parents help out at school have a better attitude and higher academic achievement. Teachers who have classroom support do their job better. Also, parents who participate in the classroom are better equipped to support their child's schoolwork. So even if your time is tight, squeezing in some school volunteer work can make all the difference in your family's school success.




    Parent Helper Opportunities:



    Take down or put up bulletin boards

    Scholastic Book Order Forms

    Math enrichment volunteers – I have math games you can play with the children

    Assisting students with fact flashcards

    Read with a small group or one on one with a student

    Assist student with and correct grammar or practice workbook pages

    encouraging students during independent work times

    Junior Achievement Volunteer(s) 1 hour per day, 1 day per week, for 6 weeks

    Homeroom Parent to organize volunteers and supplies for holiday parties, special activities

    Nature Trail Chaperones

    Field Trip Chaperones:

    Mystery Readers

    Share your hobby/interest/talent/skills/collection

    Book orders

    Assisting students with thier writing by helping them edit or listening to what they have written

    Reorganizing classroom library

    Tracking books for their 25 book challenge