Supply List

  • 2018-2019 School Supply List

    You will be getting a copy of this supply list along with a welcome letter from me in August. Since we have limited desk space, students should not bring in large pencil cases, trapper keepers, or binders. In my classroom, some of the supplies you bring with you in September will be used as a community. That means I will pool all the supplies and use them for the classroom instead of having them keep them individually. The supplies that become community supplies are the pencils, kleenex, glue sticks, tape, and post it notes. I am looking forward to an exciting year! Thank you for your support! The list is as follows: 

    -  6 pocket folders (red, blue, green, purple, yellow, free choice)

    -  1 box of crayons (please no bigger than 24) or colored pencils.

    -  4- 12 pack of sharpened pencils

    -  1-large glue stick (clear)

    -  2 pink block erasers

    -  2 wide ruled composition notebook

    -  2 box of Kleenex

    -  small box/bag to hold supplies

    -  1 highlighter

    -  1 colored pen or flair (for self corrrecting)

    -  headphones for computer lab (in a zip lock baggy or holder with name on it)

    -  4 dry erase markers low odor (Expo preferred)

    - Art smock

    Optional- ziplock bags varied sizes (donation to class)