Classroom Management


    Classroom Management Plan

    Incentives: Wood Road’s PBIS Plan has 3 basic expectations: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. Each child has been explicitly taught the school-wide behavioral expectations beginning the first few days of school. These lessons highlight specific behavioral expectations in each area of the school including: instructional areas, hallways, cafeteria, recess, assemblies, bathrooms, and buses. Students are acknowledged frequently for following these behavioral expectations throughout the school. Students following the "Three B’s" will be acknowledged with Scottie Bucks. Students may be rewarded at any time during the school day if they are following the three B’s. They will also earn Scottie bucks for completing activities at school and at home (ie homework assignments). These will accumulate and may be turned in for various items/activities. These redemption items will include both tangible and intangible pieces. For example, a student may purchase things like pencils, erasers, bracelets. Or they may have the opportunity to purchase things like the teachers chair for the day or extra computer time. Redemption will occur every other week.

    We work hard to role-play proper school behavior and ways of dealing with tough situations.  We believe that we learn from our mistakes and we need to “fix it, if we break it”.  That means if we hurt someone’s feelings, we need to apologize and do something nice for that person. We call that “apology in action”. I reinforce good behavior by using a clip up and clip down method which at the end of the month earns the students Scottie Bucks.  Green=1 Scottie Buck, Purple means they did something extra special= 2 Scottie bucks, Blue means I’ve  caught them twice doing something extra good=3 Scottie bucks,  Yellow means they need to stop and think about their actions and how they are affecting others, Orange means they have needed to be spoken to twice about following our Classroom Agreements, and will have a communication form sent home for you to sign or a possible call.   We also have a jar where we add cubes when the whole class works together and gets a complement. Once the jar is full, the students choose a fun activity to do.

                If a student is not following the classroom agreements they will have logical consequences. We have a “Reminder Notebook” in the classroom where the students can reflect on their behavior and how it affects others and their own learning. When they are frequently writing in the book and behavior is not changing that is when you will get a call and a referral will go home and we may need to have a meeting to discuss how to best support your child.

                Please talk with your child about how their day went.  Keep me posted if you have any concerns. I would also like to know is there are any changes in their home dynamics.  That way I can use some school resourses such as Mrs. Barbier, our social worker to help us help your child.