BSCSD Healthy School Policy

  • BSCSD Wellness Policy

    Please remember to follow our Healthy School Policy  when allowing food to be distributed in your classrooms.

    -         All items should be store bought and packaged with ingredient labels.

    -         If your room is peanut-free, make sure parents who are supplying goodies are reminded of that.

    -         No soda, candy, cookies, cupcakes, or cakes

    -         Food that is brought in by an individual student for his/her own consumption (and not shared) may be what the parent chooses to send in.  We do however discourage soda consumption in school.


    Some healthy food ideas:

         Drinks: sugar-free juice or fruit punch, cider, water



     fresh fruits or vegetables

     cut up vegetables with low-fat dip

     cut up fruit with low fat dip or cool whip

     cheese and crackers

     cheese sticks

     dried fruit

     tortilla chips with salsa


     sugar-free jello or pudding


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