The technology curriculum for first grade is being updated, but we can say that your child will be exposed to a variety of technological formats.

         Our class has a time allotted in the computer lab each week.  In the lab, some of our work will include: an introduction to keyboarding, an introduction to word processing, use of the Internet, an introduction to Powerpoint as well as several software programs.

         In addition to our work in the lab, our classroom is fortunate to have an interactive white board.  This will allow for much more hands-on lessons in which students will be able to use the stylus (marker) to manipulate pictures, text or other two-dimensional objects on the white board.  (It's hard to explain.  You'll just have to come to Meet the Teacher Night to see it!)

         Finally, new this year, each grade level will have a cart with 25 full-sized laptops.  Classes will determine how to use the laptops; share a few in each class or if one class is working on a project and needs all 25 laptops.