Language Arts



    The Journeys language arts program for first grade addresses the five major components of a literacy program: 

    • Phonics
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Fluency
    • Comprehension 
    • Vocabulary

         Each week's lesson will include whole-group readings, read alouds, guided reading in small groups, independent reading, partner reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  In each lesson we learn about grammar and spelling rules.  There is also a writing theme with each lesson, such as writing naming sentences, lists, friendly letter and personal narratives.

         Finally, each lesson has a list of 10 spelling words for that week.  These words are a mix of words that 1) fit a particular spelling pattern, 2) are high-frequency words which are often used in the students' writing and in texts that the students will read.  A spelling test for that week's words will be given on Fridays.