Classroom News


    What's New In Mr. Fersch's Class?


    Upcoming Events

    • Monday, October 8th-Columbus Day (No school)
    • Friday, October 19th-1/2 Day for Sts. Superintendent Conf. Day


    Homework and agendas      

     Homework will almost always consist of math, spelling, and reading each night.  Math will be a reflection of what was taught in class that day. Spelling is in a format that allows the students (and adults) to choose what activity they would like to do. One favorite is usually Spelling City. This can be found by visiting and to look for our class list, type in "wrsecondgrade" in the search area.


    Each day, students will fill out agendas with assigned homework. While doing homework, students should refer to their agenda to make sure they are doing the correct assignment.  Please check and sign your child’s agenda after they have completed all of their homework. Also, please check for notes teachers may have written in the agenda. Encourage your child to show me any notes you may have written. This is a great way to communicate!


    Independent Reading Books

    We have reading time every day in our classroom as part of the ELA Curriculum. It would be very helpful for your child to keep 1-3 independent reading books in their book bag. This will allow them to have books of their choice to read during the day.