Classroom Community

  • Wood Road Expectations
    As I'm sure many of you are aware, Wood Road has a well-established PBIS system which uses the "3 B's" as a general guideline for behavior expectations. 
    Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible

    In the Classroom
    My number one priority is to create a classroom where students feel safe, comfortable, and inspired.  We will follow the "3 B's" and reinforce positive behavior using Scottie Bucks.  Our classroom interactions will be based on positive reinforcement and mutual respect.  I will always treat each student in my classroom with respect and I expect students to treat each other the same way.  
    During the first few weeks of school we will model positive group work, respectful partnerships, polite conversation, and many other interactions that will contribute to a positive learning environment throughout the school year.

    Communication between home and school is a very important aspect of creating an effective learning community.  Throughout the school year I will regularly notify parents/guardians regarding classroom celebrations, specific students' achievements, concerns, or anything else that impacts a student.  Please always feel free to contact me by email, a note, by phone, or setting up a meeting.