My Homework

    Homework will be used as a means to give students further opportunity to work on class objectives independently. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  I encourage parents/guardians to help their children if they are struggling with a particular assignment, but otherwise allow them to complete assignments independently.  If an assignment is too difficult or time consuming (more than 30/45 minutes), just write me a quick note on the page and I will reinforce the specific objective that the student was struggling with (your child will receive full credit).  
    Below is a general overview of the homework assignments your child will be bringing home Monday through Thursday.  These may vary throughout the school year.
    There will be one page of math homework every night.  The assignment will directly relate to the concept(s) we worked on that day in class.
    Students are expected to read an average of at least 10 minutes each night.  Reading can come in a variety of forms including digital platforms.  Reading at home is a very important component to each child's progress and success in school.  
    Students will receive a spelling assignment Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday night's assignment will be to study for Friday's test.