Typical Communication Development: Fifth Grade

  • Your Child's Communication: Fifth Grade

    By the end of fifth grade your child should be able to do the following:


    §  Listen and draw conclusions in subject area learning activities


    §  Make planned oral presentations appropriate to the audience

    §  Maintain eye contact and use gestures, facial expressions, and appropriate voice during group presentations

    §  Participate in class discussions across subject areas

    §  Summarize main points

    §  Report about information gathered in group activities


    §  Read grade-level books fluently

    §  Learn meanings of unfamiliar words through knowledge of root words, prefixes, and suffixes

    §  Prioritize information according to the purpose of reading

    §  Read a variety of literary forms

    §  Describe development of character and plot

    §  Describe characteristics of poetry

    §  Analyze author's language and style

    §  Use reference materials to support opinions


    §  Write for a variety of purposes

    §  Use vocabulary effectively

    §  Vary sentence structure

    §  Revise writing for clarity

    §  Edit final copies