Typical Communication Development: First Grade

  • Your Child's Communication: First Grade

    By the end of first grade your child should be able to do the following:


    §  Remember information

    §  Respond to instructions

    §  Follow 2-3 step directions in a sequence


    §  Be easily understood

    §  Answer more complex "yes/no" questions

    §  Tell and retell stories and events in a logical order

    §  Express ideas with a variety of complete sentences

    §  Use most parts of speech (grammar) correctly

    §  Ask and respond to "wh" questions (who, what, where, when, why)

    §  Stay on topic and take turns in conversation

    §  Give directions

    §  Start conversations


    §  Create rhyming words

    §  Identify all sounds in short words

    §  Blend separate sounds to form words

    §  Match spoken words with print

    §  Know how a book works (e.g., read from left to right and top to bottom in English)

    §  Identify letters, words, and sentences

    §  Sound out words when reading

    §  Have a sight vocabulary of 100 common words

    §  Read grade-level material fluently

    §  Understand what is read


    §  Express ideas through writing

    §  Print clearly

    §  Spell frequently used words correctly

    §  Begin each sentence with capital letters and use ending punctuation

    §  Write a variety of stories, journal entries, or letters/notes