Albany Institute


    Learn about history through their rich portrait collection: Ancient Egypt, Colonial America, 19th Century American Culture and Women’s Suffrage.


    Botanical Gardens


    Insect characteristics (songs and poetry), Plants and Plant Adaptation, Seeds on the Go, Wetland Ways, Healing Plants, Pollination, The Fish Way, Vegetative Reproduction.


    Buffalo Zoo


    Observe animals from all over the world, Habitats, Animal Senses, Animal behaviors, Animal Enrichment, Question & Answer Session, Rainforests, Food Webs, Zoo Conservation, Endangered Species, Winter Animals and Gorillas. 


    Center for Puppetry Arts


    Anansi the Spider, The West African Masquerade: Puppetry as Therapy in Rural Africa, Dinosaurs, Butterflies, Gingerbread Boy, Africa, Spiders, Plants, Native Americans, Rainforests, Mexico and Puppetry in other cultures.


    Challenger Learning Center


    Living and Working in Space, History of Space Exploration, Kids can participate in a scenario of living in space, Explore parts of the Solar System with Planetary Patty, Satellite Technology, Captain Cosmic’s tour of the Solar System, Mysteries of Comets, Becoming an Astronaut and Voyage to Mars.  


    Cleveland Institute of Music


    Creative Imagination (students use their imagination through writing and art, Spellers of Note (Language Arts-vocabulary), Musical Geography of Europe, Ohio or America, Mozart Math, Science of Sound, Dalcroze Eurhythmics: Elements of Music through Movement, Introduction to Musical Instruments and Concepts, Music in Movies, Music Game Show, Let’s go to the Show: Students’ experience dancing and singing in a show and so much MORE...


    Indianapolis Zoo


    Adaptations, Africa, Amazon, Animal Math, Animals in Winter, Coral Reef, Endangered Species, The Mitten and Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett, Plants, Penguins and Polar Bears.


    Museum of Tolerance


    Explore the resources of the Museum from a distance.


    Milwaukee Public Museum


    Math and Geometry in Ancient Egypt, Mummies, American Indians, Butterflies, Creative Writing with support of "Christmas Tree Ship," Rochelle Pennington, Storytelling, Endangered Species, Dinosaurs, Rainforests and MORE...


    New York State Museum


    Mohawk Story of the Great Bear (Okwari) and New York State’s Rocks and Minerals and Their Uses.


    The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown NY


    Investigate the daily lives of New York’s pioneers through primary sources, learning about the lives of central New York’s pioneering settlers and the science of maple sugaring and Math and how it applied to the New York pioneering settlers.


    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


    Ambassador to the Orchestra, Inductee Spotlight: Frank Zappa, Great Moments in Rock and Roll, Hip-Hop Technology: From Turntables to Computers, Rock and Roll Reactions and Rock Music and Social Change in the 60s and 70s…