§        The Address you need to access to login into your teacher webpage is:

    §        The Address you will give people so they can access your site is:



    A few general thoughts….


    §        When putting student pictures online, please use your best judgment and make sure you have permission to post the picture of every student in the photo.

    §        When identifying students, first name and last initial should do the trick.

    §        Set realistic expectations for updating. Once you tell students and parents the address of your site, they’ll expect you to be Superman and Wonder Woman in adding content. Your site should be something you and your students enjoy, not an additional burden!

    §        You’ll start to see that a classroom site can help solve communication problems within your classroom the more you use it.

    §        Your site can hold an unlimited amount of files and photos. It’s a great resource for storing activities you use with students throughout the year.  It’s also a great place to add worksheet files so students can access handouts from home if they lose the ones you hand out in class or are absent.

    §         Look at what other teachers are doing. There are some great examples of teacher sites included on the workshop page.  Seeing what other teachers have done with this product will help you get a better handle on how you want to use your page within your classroom.