Classroom Success

  • You can help support your child in the classroom by having an understanding of the routines, rules, and classroom management system that I use to help your child be successful. 

     Morning Jobs

    During this time the children are getting settled. We listen to school announcements, write in our agenda, and take attendance.  Typically there is also some type of assignment or activity to complete.  Being on time to school helps your child be ready for his/her day.



    I believe that good study habits are developed with support and guidance.  I recommend that you and your child decide together on a regular time set aside each day for homework.  You should provide an environment that is free from distractions, a clean work surface and good lighting.  The work assigned is always explained and your child is expected to record daily assignments in his/her agenda.  After you have checked homework and helped with any corrections, please sign the bottom.   Please look through their homework folder each night and help them clean it out.  They put papers that are corrected on the Keep Home side and they put homework papers that need to be done that night on the Return to School side. If your child is having difficulty with an assignment, write me a quick note to let me know.


    Classroom Management

    Each day a calendar page comes home in your child’s folder.  I use this to keep track of how your child is doing.  Check it each night and notice what kind of day your child had.  If there’s a sticker, your child had a fantastic day.  If there’s not, then we’re working on changing a behavior.  Please initial the day if there’s a note from me.  Thanks, this helps keep your child accountable for his/her behavior.



    Marble Jar/Class Parties

    All year long the class works to fill the marble jar.  When the jar is full, the class gets to choose what kind of party to have to celebrate their hard work.  What earns marbles?  Each day the class comes to school they've already earned 10 marbles.  They can earn more by getting compliments from school staff in the hallways (a compliment from the principal is 5 marbles!).  One stone is lost for each card that has to be changed on the behavior chart.  At the end of the day, the marble master figures out how many marbles to add to the jar.   The more times we fill the jar, the more parties we have!