School Rules



                                                                  Gordon Creek School Rules:

    Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible
    This is a promise that the children and staff make daily. It is our job as educators to relate daily situations back to this promise in order to help children make real life connections and follow through with being kind, safe, and doing their very best.
    Are you being kind right now? Is that a safe choice? Is that your very best?
    These are simple questions we can refer to throughout the day.


    Voice Levels in Common Areas:

    Level 0……..No talking

    Level 1……Whisper

    Level 2….Conversation (Inside Voice)

    Level 3……Playground (Outside Voice)

    Whole Body Listening: Give Me 5!

    1)   My eyes are watching.

    2)   My ears are listening.

    3)   My lips are sealed.

    4)   My hands are still.

    5)   My feet are quiet.

    At school-wide gatherings, this concept will be reinforced. A presenter may say, “Give me 5” and then hold up 5 fingers. Counting down to 1 finger when all children should be displaying whole body listening.