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    Be Respectful

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    Celebrates the creatures of the earth, from spiders dangling in their webs to owls hooting and hunting out of sight, and asks that we respect and care for them.

    E Ryd


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    A big sister teaches her younger siblings some important words, like "responsibility," "perseverance," and "respect."


    E Cur

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    Suggests ways of showing respect for your school, friends, country, family, the environment, and others

    179 Kyl

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    Teaches children how to pick up after themselves, put things back where they belong, ask permission to use other people's things, and practice basic environmental awareness.


    PRO 179.9 MEI


    Be Responsible

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    Describes some of the responsibilities and privileges that come with being the oldest child in a family and offers advice on how to deal with both.

    155.9 Vog

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    Presents a collection of traditional Iroquois tales in which animals learn about the importance of caring and responsibility and the dangers of selfishness and pride.

    398.2 Bru

    Be Safe

    I feel safe

    In photographs and simple text, children tell what makes them feel safe, such as crossing the street with the crossing guard.


    152.4 Dou

    When I cross the street

    Presents general safety rules to be followed when crossing streets in the city and in the country.


    363.1 Chl

    Safety at school

    Discusses how to be safe while in school or going to school, covering such aspects as being on the bus, walking and biking to school, carrying things safely, and fire drills.


    363.11 Mat

    Learning how to stay safe at school

    Discusses various ways to stay safe at school, including getting to school safely, avoiding trouble, dealing with peer pressure, doing the right thing, and asking for help.


    371.7 Ken

    Home fire drills

    Explains the importance of planning what to do in case of fire in your house and tells how practicing fire drills can help you to be safe.


    628.9 Raa

    Safety in the water

    Offers some simple safety rules to follow when swimming or boating.


    796.2 Mat

    Officer Buckle and Gloria

    The children at Napville Elementary School always ignore Officer Buckle's safety tips, until a police dog named Gloria accompanies him when he gives his safety speeches.


    E Rat

    Be careful and stay safe

    This book teaches children basic information about personal safety, including staying away from danger, asking for help, following directions, and planning for emergencies.


    PRO 649 Mei