3-5 Experiment or Design Project


     Steps to do the experiment project:  Select the step title below to learn about each of the steps.  Select your topic to get started...

    Topic Selection

    Select your topic to investigate

    Step 1

    Identify the problem you want to investigate

    Step 2

    Do background research on your topic idea

    Step 3

    Make a prediction (hypothesis)

    Step 4

    Create your Experiment or Building Design Plan

    Step 5

    Photos, Charts, & Graphs (oh my!)

    Step 6

    Write a conclusion

    Step 7

    Prepare your display 

    Be sure to fill in your Planning Worksheets packet as you work through the Experimentation Process!

    (A copy of this packet is available below - under "Related Files")

    Come up with a question you would like to investigate, like which brand of paper towel is the strongest?

    Then, follow the steps of the Scientific Method or the Engineering Design Process to test your idea.  You will propose a prediction based on your background research.  Scientists call their prediction a hypothesis.

    You will prepare an experiment or building design plan to test your hypothesis, to see if your prediction is supported or not.  You will collect and keep information from your experiment, which is called data.  Then, Prepare charts and graphs to show the results of your experiment.  Finally, you will make a conclusion-- was your prediction supported or not?  What did you learn from your experiment? 

    This is the way real Scientists and Engineers do their work!  All of this will go into your Science & Engineering Fair Project display so you can share what you learned.


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