• The Ballston Spa Central School District Science Department is committed to:

    • Preparing all students to be responsible and informed citizens in a world that is increasingly affected by advancements in science and technology. 
    • Preparing all students to be scientifically literate so they can comprehend, analyze, and meaningfully participate in the debate of scientific issues.
    • Developing students’ critical thinking and analytical skills through research and the use of the science and engineering practices.
    • Developing students’ awareness of the types of opportunities that would be available for them to pursue in the traditional sciences as well as the emerging fields of science. 

    The middle school science team is currently transitioning our curriculum to be aligned to the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS).   Each grade level has a set of performance expectations that includes concepts from life science, earth science, and physical science.  The performance expectations at each grade level allow students to use science and engineering practices (skills) and concepts that cut across all three science disciplines to develop an understanding of the world around them.  All students in Science 8 will take the NYS Intermediate Science 8 exam at the end of 8th grade. Students that demonstrate exceptional skills and understanding in math and science have the opportunity to accelerate in science in 8th grade and take Regents Earth Science.

    Animal Dissection Policy

    The Board of Education of the Ballston Spa Central School District recognizes that the study of living things is essential to effective instruction in the life sciences. The Board recognizes that some students may have a moral or religious objection to the performance or witness of the dissection of an animal.  In accordance with Section 809 of the Education Law, students shall have the right to object to and opt out of dissection activities.  In order to do so, the student’s parent or legal guardian must place their objection in writing with a detailed explanation of the moral or religious basis for the objection to such dissection.  If a student opts out of a dissection, either wholly or in part, he or she shall be required to undertake and complete an alternative project that shall be approved by the student’s teacher.  No student shall be penalized for not performing or witnessing the dissection of an animal.

    At the start of the school year, teachers of courses that include animal dissection shall give notice to the students in those classes of their opt-out rights and responsibilities under the law and this policy.

    6th Grade Units of Study

    • Molecules to Organisms
    • Heredity
    • Earth's Systems
    • Earth and Human Activity
    • Energy

    7th Grade Units of Study

    • Structure and Properties of Matter
    • Chemical Reactions
    • The Changing Earth
    • Earth's System
    • Matter and Energy in Organisms & Ecosystems
    • Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
    • Human Impacts

    8th Grade Units of Study

    • Chemistry
    • Characteristics of Life
    • Cells
    • Taxonomy
    • Genetics
    • Evoultion
    • Physics
    • Space

    Accelerated Science – Earth Science

    • Prologue
    • Measuring the Earth
    • Astronomy, Space & Seasons
    • Energy
    • Meteorology
    • Rocks and Minerals
    • Dynamic Crust
    • Surface Processes
    • Groundwater
    • Landscapes
    • Geomorphology
    • Earth's History

     Science Department Faculty



    Grade Level

    Mr. Ippoliti
    Ms. Northrop

    Mrs. Scarff


    Mrs. Muller
    Mrs.  Prescott
    Mr. Santonastaso 


    Mr. Gargano
    Ms. Meuwissen
    Mrs. Watson