Health Department

  • The focus of our program is to develop awareness and understanding of Human growth and development

    • The relationship between behaviors and healthy development
    • Ways to promote health and prevent disease and will demonstrate and practice positive health behaviors
    • Personal and socially responsible behaviors
    • The influence of culture, media, and technology in making decisions about personal and community health issues
    • Valid health information, products, and services

    Students will take Heath for 10 weeks in 7th grade and 8th grade.

    Grade 7 Units of Study

    Wellness & Disease Prevention
    *Communicable diseases
    *Lifestyle diseases

    *Active listening
    *Peer pressure resistance

    *Effects on teen brain & body
    *Tobacco & marijuana
    *Prescription & OTCs

    Human Growth & Development
    *Physical, emotional and social  
      changes of puberty
    *Reproduction system

    Personal Safety
    *Abduction prevention
    *Sexual abuse prevention

    Grade 8 Units of Study

    Understanding Health and Wellness
    *lifestyle, environment, heredity
    *health skills for life
    *decision making skills
    *mental health/illness

    Stress Management
    *identify, reduce & manage
    *teen suicide prevention

    Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
    *effects on mind & body
    *stages of addiction
    *peer pressure/media influences

    Human Growth and Development
    *male & female reproductive systems
    *abstinence, contraception
    *teen pregnancy prevention
    *HIV/AIDS & other STDs

    Health Department Faculty

    Ms. Casella:

    Mr. Morse: