Family & Consumer Science

  • As technology advances and societies change, the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and the desire for nurturing human relationships and satisfying work remain. This New York State mandated Home and Career Skills course is based on the understanding that the ability to reason, to think critically and creatively, and to reflect on one’s actions, will empower students to act responsibly toward themselves, families, peers, and society. Research has shown that permanent acquisition of knowledge is most likely when learning occurs in context and repeated practice is allowed. The experiential, hands-on, real life nature of this course promotes this type of learning. Family and Consumer Science affords all students multiple opportunities to read, write, and compute in the context of real-world situations that are relevant to early adolescents. All nine Ballston Spa Central Schools Graduation Competencies and 21st Century Skills are taught and assessed in this 30 week course.

    Please visit NYSED's Family and Consumer Science website for information about our curriculum.


    Units of Study



    FACS Course A
    Interpersonal Relationships

    Human Development
    Nutrition and Wellness

    FACS Course B
    Career Development

    Consumer Resource Management
    Financial Management

    FACS Course CFamily
    Clothing Management
    Personal Environment Management

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    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    Future CEO Stars Magazine

    Career Cruising


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