• ENGLISH  2021-2022

    English/language arts curriculum units and modules are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and support the six major instructional shifts. Students read a balance of literary and informational texts and build vocabulary to access grade level complex texts. Appropriately challenging texts are at the center of instruction as students read closely and utilize the texts to build knowledge. Text-based evidence from a variety of sources provides the foundation for writing and rich conversations.



    Portfolio Writing





    • Relationships
    • Hero’s Journey: Mythology
    • Language Study
    • Vocabulary
    • Poetry
    • Short Story
    • Research-based Project
    • Literary Analysis: Theme
    • Narrative: Short story


    ELA Studies

    • Greek/Latin Roots
    • Adaptations - Reading Comprehension Strategies
    • Prehistoric Times - Text Features
    • Early Civilizations - Text Structures
    • Invasive Species - Review Skills
    • Argument - Short Response
    • Summary - Descriptive
    • Paragraphs - Text Structure




    • Perseverance
    • Rebellion and Conformity
    • Genre Study: Science Fiction
    • Language Study
    • Vocabulary
    • Research-based Writing
    • Literary Analysis: Conflict
    • Narrative: Memoir
    • Argument: Book Review




    • Human Nature
    • Perspectives
    • Genre Study: Mystery
    • Language Study
    • Vocabulary
    • Research-based Writing
    • Literary Analysis: Theme  Characterization
    • Narrative: Mood Development
    • Argument: Editorial



























    Grade 6

    Mrs. Summersell: ssummersell@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Varughese: tvarughese@bscsd.org
    Ms. Hinman: shinman@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Moomey: emoomey@bscsd.org

    Grade 6 ELA Studies

    Ms. Crisafulli: tcrisafulli@bscsd.org
    Ms. Shorey: mshorey@bscsd.org
    Mrs. McCarthy: tmccarthy@bscsd.org

    Grade 7

    Mrs Hayes: ahayes@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Johnson: jjohnson@bscsd.org
    Mr. Shaver: jshaver@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Struffolino: lstruffolino@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Unser: sunser@bscsd.org

    Grade 8
    Mrs. Boncordo:  eboncordo@bscsd.org
    Ms. Crisafulli: tcrisafulli@bscsd.org
    Ms. Hughes: jhughes@bscsd.org
    Mrs. McGuinness: jmcguinness@bscsd.org

    Mr. McNulty: cmcnulty@bscsd.org
    Mrs. Sesselman: msesselman@bscsd.org



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