Clubs & Activities

  •  2020-2021 Clubs and Activities


    Attention Skiers and Snowboarders!

    Due to the unfortunate and unusual circumstances surrounding the 2020/2021 school year, the Ballston Spa Middle School WILL NOT be running ski club this year.  That being said, West Mountain is running and organizing its own After School Program with the same rates for individual students who don’t have a school ski club this winter. Visit for more information.

    It is EASY to take advantage of this opportunity.  Here are the steps to signing your son or daughter up:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the red “shop online” link
    3. Click “After School Programs”
    4. Click Ballston Spa Middle School after school program
    5. Select your lift, lessons and any other package item 
    6. Enter all necessary information and “check out”
    7. That should do it!  If you have any questions you can email Jaime at West Mountain at

    Please remember all transportation and supervision must be provided by the parents of each student since this is not a school sponsored club this year. 

    Stay safe and have a great winter!


    Book Club

    The purpose of Book Club is to foster the love of books and reading, as well as leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and character within the BSMS community. Student members assist in organizing and promoting reading by choosing books they love and want to share with others. Book Club meets on Monday at 3:30. Meetings include discussions about books: their plots, themes, characters, etc. Students decide what books we will read. Each student chooses a book and then leads that book’s discussion.   Nickname : BSMSbookclub

    Ms. Whisenhunt-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4800


    Creative Writing Club

    Creative Writing Club: Do you love to write? Creative Writing Club offers you a place to sit and collect your thoughts, get writing advice from your peers and meet people who love to write just as much as you! Members of this club are encouraged to write poetry, short stories, plays, and song lyrics in addition to other forms of writing. One purpose of the club is to have students share their writing with other students so that they may grow and learn as writers. Students will edit their peer’s writing and offer each other ideas to create strong, captivating pieces. Students share their writing on Google Docs.  Students in this club have a great appreciation for writing and enjoy exploring their writer’s voices with enthusiasm.  Nickname creativewriting

    Advisor:  Mrs. Varughese-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4858


    FTC Robotics-Grades 7 & 8

    Every Thursday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm

    7th and 8th grade team members learn team work and develop core values through problem solving. Its three teams participate in programming, building and  research. A final tournament is held at RPI in December. Nickname  ftc6945

    Advisor:  Mr. Ackroyd-Email: 


    GOC Club

    The GOC meets once per month to provide female students opportunities for discussion,  reflection  and friendship to help them become more confident and invested in the school setting.  There is no strict "requirement" for being a part of the group; just that the student would benefit from an additional positive female role model in their lives and a desire to meet other girls to share ideas and experiences.  

    Nickname: GOCgirls 

    Mrs. Bernd-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4336
    Mrs.  LeVan-Email:  


    Green Team


    The Green Team's mission is to implement creative ways of raising awareness and convincing others to take action to make our school better for the environment.  Our current projects include running the school-wide marker recycling program, brainstorming creative ways to save energy, and increasing awareness of endangered species.  We meet two to three times per month, usually on a Wednesday from 2:30-3:20pm.  For meeting dates and more information about the Green Teams mission, visit our website:  Green Team


    Mrs. Casella-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4707   
    Mrs. Mascardi-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4309  


    National Junior Honor Society

    The goal of National Junior Honor Society is to encourage students’ development in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character.  Members qualify during their 7th grade school year for 8th grade membership.  Membership is only for the duration of the 8th grade school year.  Students must re-qualify at the HS level for National Honor Society.  In order to be eligible to apply for NHS, 100 hours of service are required by application time (usually 11th grade).  See the High School NHS page for more details.

    The Ballston Spa Middle School NJHS will meet on the third Wednesday of each month (virtually) at 3:30.  Members can obtain the Google Meet Code from the Schoology NJHS Group Page (click on “resources” tab).

    Mrs. Gouvitsas-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext.  4365
    Ms. Hughes-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4366


    Service Club

    Students participate in service related activities within the school and community.   Activities this year may include, but are not limited to, collecting food and then distributing it to families in need, spreading holiday cheer for local senior citizens, public service videos for students, story time, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and honoring law enforcement on Blue Friday.  All students are welcome to join anytime!  Virtual meetings will be held the first and third Tuesday of each month.  Nickname: serviceclub

    Advisor:  Mrs. Fountain-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4871





    The club plans and designs the yearbook. Students take pictures, choose layouts, organize receipts, and collaborate to choose the best design of the book.  Advisors guide students through the decision process.   Nickname  bsmsyearbook
    Mrs. Blanchet-Email:   Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4874
    Mrs. Summersell-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4372


    Video Broadcasting 

    Are you interested in creating student led feature news stories, being a field reporter at school events, film, photography, acting, or video editing? The VBC is the Middle School’s trusted news network that produces the weekly morning announcements for the middle school and we are looking for reporters, film and editing staff, aka you! Come see what the Video Broadcast Club is all about. We meet Virtually every Tuesday using Google Meet with the class code TheVBC. Advisor: Mr. Jeff Gargano Email  Phone 884-7200 ext4829


    Advisor: Mr. Jeff Gargano Email  Phone 884-7200 ext