Clubs & Activities

  •    2019-2020 Clubs and Activities

    Activity Night

    Sixth grade has an activity night, which can be scheduled throughout the year.  Food and beverages are sold. Parents must provide transportation.

    6th and 7th Grade Art Club

    Students are provided a creative outlet as they strive to bring artwork to the building. They participate in an ongoing mural project with the library every year, and work with other clubs when needed. 

    Advisor:  Mrs. Pieper.  Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4837.

    Ballston Buddies

    This club creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students with and without disabilities are matched in a mutually enriching one-to-one friendship. Activities include monthly meetings in the Gateway classroom that foster positive interaction and collaboration between members, and monthly meetings with peer buddies (students without intellectual and developmental disabilities) to enable them to feel comfortable in their roles within the club

    Mrs. Albrycht-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4705
    Ms. Bernd-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4336
    Mrs. Jones: Email:  Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4339

    Book Club

    The purpose of Book Club is to foster the love of books and reading, as well as leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and character within the BSMS community. Student members assist in organizing and promoting reading by choosing books they love and want to share with others. Book Club meets approximately every other Wednesday of each month. Meetings include discussions about books: their plots, themes, characters, etc. Students decide what books we will read. Each student chooses a book and then leads that book’s discussion.

    Mrs. Whisenhunt-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4800

    Creative Writing Club

    Creative Writing Club: Do you love to write? Creative Writing Club offers you a place to sit and collect your thoughts, get writing advice from your peers and meet people who love to write just as much as you! Members of this club are encouraged to write poetry, short stories, plays, and song lyrics in addition to other forms of writing. One purpose of the club is to have students share their writing with other students so that they may grow and learn as writers. Students will edit their peer’s writing and offer each other ideas to create strong, captivating pieces. Students share their writing on Google Docs.  Students in this club have a great appreciation for writing and enjoy exploring their writer’s voices with enthusiasm. 

    Advisor:  Mrs. Varughese-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4858

    Environmental Club

    This club builds school and community awareness of the environment.  Activities include garbage clean ups, multiple recycle programs, trout in the classroom and trout release, garden/greenhouse plantings and recycled bird feeders.   Please check out our website for updates and more information: Environmental Club Website.

    Mr. Santonastaso-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4836
    Ms. Northrup-email: Phone:  518-884-7200 ext. 4342


    FAMILY, CAREER AND COMMUNITY LEADERS OF AMERICA-The purpose of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education.  Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development; creative and critical thinking; interpersonal communications; practical knowledge; and career preparation. We reach out to our community for service projects and within our group to share skills. All projects are student driven.   

    Advisor:  Mrs.  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 5380

    FLL Robotics-Grade 6

    6th grade team members learn team work and develop core values through problem solving. Its three teams participate in programming, building and  research. 

    Mr. Caughey-Email:   Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4894
    Mr Donegan-Email:   Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4843

    FTC Robotics-Grades 7 & 8

    7th and 8th grade team members learn team work and develop core values through problem solving. Its three teams participate in programming, building and  research. A final tournament is held at RPI in December. 

    Advisor:  Mr. Ackroyd-Email: 

    Gaming Club

    The club focuses on building both self-esteem, and sound relationships between teens and adults in the building and between teens and their peers.  Activities include discussing difficulties encountered in school and brainstorming solutions.  Once a month, members interact in a fun, athletic setting.  

    Mr. Manning-Email:   Phone:  884-7200, ext. 5370
    Mr. McNulty-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext.  4818

    GOC Club

    The GOC meets once per month to provide female students with activities and events to help them become more confident and more invested in the school setting.  There is no strict "requirement" for being a part of the group; just that the student would benefit from an additional positive female role model in their lives.   

    Mrs. Bernd-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4336
    Mrs.  LeVan-Email:  

    Green Team

    The Green Team's mission is to implement creative ways of raising awareness and convincing others to take action to make our school better for the environment.  Our current projects include running the school-wide marker recycling program, brainstorming creative ways to save energy, and increasing awareness of endangered species.  We meet two to three times per month, usually on a Wednesday from 2:30-3:20pm.  For meeting dates and more information about the Green Teams mission, visit our website:  Green Team

    Mrs. Casella-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4707   
    Mrs. Mascardi-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4309  

    International Club

    Students explore various world cultures. Activities have included multicultural holiday celebrations, Zumba dance, African jewelry making, card making, the history of chocolate and the importance of the Fair Trade Movement, a foreign film night and an international board game day.  Future activities will include international cooking, guest speakers, more opportunities for family and community participation, as well as community service on both a local and global level.

    Mrs. Suits-E mail: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4889 
    Mrs. Whisenhunt-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4800

    Jazz Band

    This ensemble meets once a week and has no less than two performances a year. The purpose of this group is to rehearse and perform jazz music while encouraging improvisation. 

    Advisors:  Mr. Bailey 884-7200, ext. 4326 & Mrs. Seymour 884-7150 ext. 2389

    Launching Pad/Drama Club

    Middle School students produce at least one show per year.  Rehearsals are after school. Students can also be a part of the stage crew or sound and lighting crew. Students from all grade levels are encouraged to participate.   Please see our webpage for more information about this years play.

    Advisor:  Mr. Shaver-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext.  4823

    Middle School Dances

    All Ballston Spa Middle School students may attend. Food and beverages are sold at the dances. Parents must provide transportation and ensure that students are picked up promptly. Failure to do this could result in not being allowed to attend the next dance.  


    National Junior Honor Society

    The goal of the club is to encourage students’ development in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character.

    Mrs. Gouvitsas-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext.  4365
    Mrs. Hughes-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4366

    217-2018 NJHS Qualifying Criteria

    NJHS Service Club Record

    No Place for Hate Club

    The No Place For Hate curriculum was created by the Golub Corporation to enhance a culture of respect and to create a safe bully free environment for all students at all grade levels in schools. In compliance with the NY state dignity act, the No Place For Hate initiative offers schools the opportunity to be recognized for their staff development and student training related to bullying, harassment and discrimination. We empower students, family members and teachers to all take stand against bullying and hate! We believe with that goal in mind and practice, all students can thrive!

    Our No Place for Hate club goal is to have all Middle School students become part of our community of caring, generosity and kindness.  Students will participate in club and whole-school activities to help make Ballston Spa Middle School the most welcoming place for all. We will work together toward the designation of a Gold Star No Place for Hate school through the Anti-Defamation League.  Meetings are held the second Thursdays of each month in room 305. Additional work meetings may be held on opposite Thursdays as our agenda dictates. Listen to announcements for reminders.

    Mrs. Albrycht-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext.  4705
    Mrs. Wichrowski:  Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4341

    Odyssey of the Mind

    This is a long-term problem-solving program.  A group of seven students works together to develop solutions for a variety of tasks. Competitions are held in February. 

    Advisor: Mrs. Shorey Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 5375  

    Peer Leader Program

    The Peer Leader Program is designed to help sixth graders transition into the Middle School.  Peer Leaders help students learn how to navigate the building, open their lockers, organize their materials, take the late bus and so much more!  Peer Leaders are more than just role models to their 6th graders, they become great friends!  Peer Leaders meet monthly after school with their advisors and attend at a minimum one evening or after school event with their 6th graders. 

    Mrs. Albrycht-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4705
    Mrs. Brandt-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4701
    Mrs. Johanning-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4371 

    Penny Harvest

    This club raises a school-wide collection of pennies to donate to the charities of the club’s choice. Students collect pennies within their grade level. Harvest leaders then have round table discussions to learn about various charities and decide which to donate to.

    Advisor:  Mr. Mazierski-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 5104

    Rubik's Cube Club

    Always wonder how to solve the mysterious colored cube…well you are in luck!  We have a Rubik's cube club where we get together to learn and talk strategy.  We meet once a month after school.  It is an informal group of students looking to master the cube, hope to see you there.

    Advisor:  Mr. Germann-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4816

    Running Club

    Running club is for runners of any ability, any speed, in the Middle School. We will teach you the basics of stretching, breathing, pacing, core strength, and, of course, running. We meet in Room 416 before moving to the track. Come run with us and have a lot of fun doing it!  The club meets after school in 416 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Mrs. Whisenhunt-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4800  
    Mr. Germann-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4816

    SeaPerch (Underwater Robotics):

    Seaperch is a club  sponsored by the US Navy where students work side by side with engineers to build underwater remote controlled vehicles. We compete in a regional competition where the winners get to go on to the national competition. We compete in two events; the a challenge course known as the Technical and also the Obstacle course. We meet every Wednesday starting in October until our competition in Mid-April. We will also meet on Saturday’s as the competition gets closer.

    Mr. Gargano Phone: 518-884-7200 ext 4829
    Mr. Caughey       Phone: 518-884-7200 ext 4894

    Science Bowl

    This year students will be competing in TARC-Team America Rocketry Challenge. This international competition is sponsored by the department of defense and many other major contractors with the ability to win a trip to England and a $25k scholarship. Students will build large solid fuel rockets that can launch an egg to a specified height. This competition is open to all 7-12 grade students. Sixth graders can still join and will start building their first solid fuel rockets.

    Ms. Northrup-email: Phone:  518-884-7200 ext. 4342
    Mr. Gargano-email: Phone: 518-884-7200 ext 4829

    Service Club

    Students participate in service related activities within the school and community.   Some activities include, but are not limited to, collecting school supplies for students in need, raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research, collecting food and then distributing it to families in need, spreading holiday cheer for local senior citizens, raising awareness and funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and honoring law enforcement on Blue Friday.  All students are welcome to join anytime!

    Advisor:  Mrs. Fountain-Email: Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4871

    Ski Club 

    Beginners to advanced skiers/boarders take a bus to West Mountain in Queensbury on four Tuesdays beginning in January. More information is available in the fall/winter.

    Mr. McNulty-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4818
    Mr. Noonan-Email: 

    Student Council

    This is the student government for all Middle School clubs and activities. Student elections occur in mid-October. 

    Mrs. Brandt-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext.  4701
    Mrs. Bisceglia-Email: Phone: 884-7200, ext.  4368

    Students Helping Students

    This is a weekly tutoring/ mentoring program where select high school students come to the middle school to work with students on academics. This is a great mentoring opportunity for the high school and middle school students.  It also eases the transition for many middle school students as they go to the high school. 

    Advisor: Mrs. Piotrowski-Email:  Phone: 884-7200, ext. 4312


    The club plans and designs the yearbook. Students take pictures, choose layouts, organize receipts, and collaborate to choose the best design of the book.  Advisors guide students through the decision process.   
    Mrs. Blanchet-Email:   Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4874
    Mrs. Summersell-Email:  Phone:  884-7200, ext. 4372